Boebert clear on her positions unlike Mitsch-Bush |

Boebert clear on her positions unlike Mitsch-Bush

John Colson (in “Looking at CD3, Mitsch Bush easily gets my vote,” commentary, Sept. 8, does not give any reason for voting for Diane Mitsch-Bush. He says that Diane is a veteran of the Colorado legislature and favors “certain kinds of gun control” and she understands the need for infrastructure. What has she done in all her years in and out of government to fix the problems she identifies and understands? She is not campaigning to let the voters know what she will do in Washington.

Meanwhile, Lauren Boebert is campaigning and letting the voters know her positions on important matters to Colorado and the country. We need some new blood representing Colorado in Washington. My vote is for Lauren Boebert on Nov. 3.

Anne Baker