Board of health needs a shake-up

To say, I read with dismay the article in the Friday’s paper about the Board of Health meeting would be an understatement. There comes to a point in life where enough is enough. Hunter Thompson once said, we just can’t eat this shit anymore. This is the time.

Who exactly came up with the box-it-in strategy and the 700 threshold? In any case, I think it’s time that the citizenry do something. The five members on the board of health, in my opinion, are destroying this town.

Therefore, I propose the following:

1. We start the recall petition against Commissioner Greg Poschman. I also think the other two commissioners, Steve Child and Kelly McNicholas , who supported the board of health should be recalled. I will pay all costs of said recall.

2. If this is successful, the five appointed members of the board of health who continue to have their heels on our necks also need to be fired.

Greg, I read with interest that you were going to go with the majority of the board. It seems to me that board was 2-2 so had you voted positively, the majority would’ve said to lift the restrictions. Is this too complicated for you to understand? Did you really say you need more time?

While I agree that this recall will take time, it has come to the point where we need to do something. I’ve had enough.

In closing, our government thinks the virus will stop at the border. Let’s go to Basalt for dinner. We are obviously safe there.

Tony Mazza