Bloomberg is the answer to Trump

After enduring Tuesday evening’s shouting match (aka Democratic debate), I am more than ever convinced that Michael Bloomberg is the only candidate who can defeat President Donald Trump in November.

Some resent Bloomberg’s wealth, but he made it himself and has given over $8.2 billion away to causes I support, like advocating for safer gun use, climate change, reproductive rights and so many others. He has a proven track record of being a bridge-maker, not a divider.

As a centrist, I want someone in office who can work with everybody to achieve a more just society. A socialist can’t do that. While I admire Bernie Sanders for what he has been able to accomplish this election, I don’t think his supporters fully understand that there is no way Congress, even a Democratic Congress, would ever fund his ambitious promises. We are a capitalist country. That is the reality.

Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax and stridency may take her far in the primaries but won’t hold up in the general election. Pete Buttigieg has a great future and may yet be president some day, but he is not quite there yet. Joe Biden is wonderful, but his time has come and gone. I love Amy Klobuchar but realistically don’t think a woman can beat Trump. That is sad and bad.

Please check out Bloomberg on Wikipedia. The man is very impressive. He may not have perfected the rehearsed sound bite yet, but he is a doer, not a talker. After four years of a bombastic self-promoter, I am ready for someone low key but effective, who appeals to our better natures, not our base ones, and who can restore pride in America.

Jessica Fullerton