Blisters on my feet, butterfly’s in my heart |

Blisters on my feet, butterfly’s in my heart

I really had my doubts if we were going to be physically able to go door to door to collect the necessary 640 City of Aspen registered voters needed to put a referendum question on the ballot regarding the Galena Plaza/Rio Grande city office building.

Taking our chances, we decided to stand in the sidewalk next to City Market over Mother’s Day weekend and ask people to come to where we were to sign the petition.

If you believe in miracles, one happened — as over 760 signatures were collected for the petition from noon Friday until 4:48 p.m. on Monday.

Many people wanted to sign the petition who were not registered voters so we started a supporter list of non-registered Aspen voters but had to discontinue (sorry) because it was taking up too much time and we had to concentrate on registered voters.

The next petition we will collect signatures for will be to add the Galena Library Park Plaza into the land-use code as a 360-degrees protected view plane and as a specially designated space in the charter.

Many thanks to everyone who rallied to sign the petition.

Toni Kronberg