Blind faith in the government

Reading some of the letters to The Aspen Times or listening to Eagle County commissioners, you’d think Cornerstone is jumping around on-stage handling snakes and preaching sermons bashing Joe Biden while proactively plotting to spread COVID-19 to everyone in the valley. On the other side you read how Eagle County is full of the most caring, enlightened group of people to ever walk the halls of a government building.

The irony of this narrative is laughable. Cornerstone is chastised and mocked for following timeless principles while trusting a higher power by people who breathlessly worship government workers and shout “trust the science” with a similar zeal and repetitiveness to the televangelists speaking in tongues. Cornerstone places faith in God, while the mockers place faith in county health officials.

Faith is discussed frequently in church. Faith that the truth will come out. Faith that you should not worry about tomorrow. While Christians place their faith in a higher power, those who mock them place faith in powerful people. Faith in pharmaceutical company CEOs to be honest and transparent. Faith in lifelong bureaucrats’ ability to properly manage complex situations. And most of all, faith that all these people in positions of power are incorruptible and able to keep their personal feelings and politics aside.

But yes, it is those crazy Christians who are being misled.

Chase McWhorter