Blame the Whiners of Aspen

Chutzpah is personified by the child who killed his parents, then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan. It’s also personified by the Whiners of Aspen. They whine about losing Little Annies and Paradise Bakery’s having to relocate. The Whiners of Aspen are the cause.

For decades Aspen has restricted expansion of square footage for retail and restaurants. Meanwhile, demand for space has increased. Thus, lower priced businesses are outbid by swanky operators who can pay for the limited available space.

The Whiners of Aspen don’t want Aspen to become Vail, where they build, build, build. So Aspen isn’t Vail; affordable businesses can’t afford to do business here. They got what they asked for.

Maurice Emmer