Blame Obama, not Trump, for Russia meddling |

Blame Obama, not Trump, for Russia meddling

I only know what I read in the papers. This paper reported the following on June 3 (“What to do about Trump highlights Aspen discussion”): Two Never Trumpers having superficially credible legal credentials argued at Paepcke Auditorium that President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office because he failed to protect the integrity of the 2016 presidential election.

Is anybody using his brain anymore? Did these lawyers ever read the law or study the facts? News flash: Donald J. Trump was a candidate in 2016. He held no levers of government power to “protect the integrity of elections.” The person who did was Barack Obama. Remember him? If failing to protect the 2016 election against the feeble efforts of Russia to interfere in 2016 was a “high crime” (show me the criminal code provision on that, if you can), then Obama who should be under indictment.

One of the buffoons tipped his legal hand when he said he just didn’t think Trump should be president. I have news for him. That isn’t a basis for impeachment. That’s what elections are for, and you lost.

Maurice Emmer