Black community’s struggles continue |

Black community’s struggles continue

Frieda Wallison’s attempt to suggest there is no systemic racism in this country as evidenced by emigration of her and her friends’ descendants from Europe and Scandinavia is blatantly devoid of logic and reason (“Which America do you believe in?,” letters, Sept. 11,

Those descendants came here on their own will, seeking a better life. I don’t have to remind anyone the circumstances under which the descendants of our Black community came to this country.

Frieda’s group found or exceeded their expectations with little push-back from the community at large, anti– Jewish, Italian and Irish feelings notwithstanding. Why not some benevolence — but the Black community is still fighting to find a path to equal existence, despite that benevolence.

If you accept the fear-mongering by Trump, that makes you fearful that Joe Biden will appoint Cory Booker as his Housing secretary and Booker will inundate your suburbs with criminal elements, then, of course, Trump is your man.

But, if you believe that this country, as a democracy, is continuously experiencing growing pains, especially along racial lines, in its efforts to provide equality for all its citizens, then please vote for Joe Biden

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