Bill Kane can do |

Bill Kane can do

Firstly, I would like to commend the dedicated civic spirit of the candidates seeking election to the Basalt Town Council. They comprise an amazing diversity of talent and commitment to guide our future to a better place!

At this juncture of Basalt’s circumstance and opportunity, the position of mayor requires a unique set of leadership experiences and personal assets. In my assessment, that describes Bill Kane, who I wholeheartedly endorse for our next mayor. I have known Bill and often worked parallel with his notable career for over 40 years! Simply said, his accrued combination of leadership experience, environmental vision, commitment to public service and “get it done” approach have crystallized to describe the best man at the right time! Bill is an advocate of accountability, collaborative resolve and community prosperity — Basalt needs Bill!

I also want to express my appreciation for the civic visions of William Infante. In balancing the choice of talent to shape creative governance, I believe his current position of town councilman would be best held — his time will come!

We are at a confluence where we need the joint steerage of both Councilman Infante and Mayor Bill Kane in tandem lead!

Larry Yaw