Bigger airport won’t make Aspen better |

Bigger airport won’t make Aspen better

I’m just an ordinary citizen, and all I know about the ASE Vision Committee goals is what I’ve learned at the public meetings. But I ask my fellow residents: Do you really want 737s flying overhead and landing with increased numbers of passengers? What is the level of absurdity in the size of aircraft serving our small valley?

I lived in Boulder for 36 years, and in 1975 the Flatirons looked like they were etched against the sky — the air was so clear. In the following years, one logical argument after another persuaded the public to accept a series of incremental trade-offs that transformed Boulder from one of the best places to live in the country to an overcrowded, congested city. And this happened despite the adoption, in the 1970s, of a restricted-growth plan that became a model for other towns.

Once a place loses its pristine atmosphere, and its backdrop of silence and beauty is completely degraded by the energy of traffic, it is never to be restored because the arguments for constant growth are always still there.

I would urge the commissioners to put the air-side expansion of the airport on hold for an indefinite period, while quieter and less polluting aircraft are being developed in the size range currently in use.

Judith Frey

Old Snowmass

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