Bicycles aren’t going to cut it |

Bicycles aren’t going to cut it

The media coverage of the City Council meeting, in the words of Councilwoman Ann Mullins, “nailed it.” The problems identified by the council were the residents of Aspen are uninformed and they have the wrong values. Blame it on the newcomers. Everything is in the plan, you just have to be able to read the code in the plan. “Ruin longstanding businesses on Hopkins Avenue, they have the wrong values.” I am sure when the mayor goes out, he takes his date to dinner on a bicycle. Surely, Councilman Frisch when he takes his wife and kids to dinner uses bicycles, especially in winter when it gets dark at 4:30 p.m., never mind the slush and ice. Why can’t we expect residents on Red Mountain to take bicycles to dinner? And those living up Owl Creek should too, along with Starwood people, and what about McLain Flats? Any tourist visiting Aspen must ride bicycles or buses. That family of four coming here for a ski vacation who didn’t pack bicycles along with their skis? Silly folks, where are their Aspen values? How dare the residents of Aspen to not agree with the rulers in City Hall? Don’t they know what’s good for them? The City Council can find the problem, just look in the mirror, and they do not have to spend $4.6 million to do it. They do have to get off their bicycles, though.

Edward Sanditen


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