Beware the mad scientists |

Beware the mad scientists

There is perfection in individual nuances of individuals comprising the collective that the “genius” ill-adjusted mad scientists do not understand. They want linear perfection.

The war on the unborn now being carried out by some of the Democrats on their behalf is another revolution of the same wheel of madness. The aborting of late-term babies and those already born is a lead-in concept to have humans accept nothing less than the reliable perfect artificial intelligence creations that the mad scientists say they are bringing us. Those same scientific type control freak minds are bringing us 5G to allow connection of all perfect unnatural things. The same types have championed eugenics in past generations to create what they thought would be the perfect collection of perfect beings, and genetically modified crops that need poison to eliminate “weeds.”

The mad billionaire imbeciles have breached the wall and are working to sterilize our world of the god-made human and natural genius they do not understand.

Mark Kwieicienski