Beware of the 5G proposals for valley |

Beware of the 5G proposals for valley

Beware of the 5G proposals for valley

The Trojan horse is coming to Aspen and the valley.

It is coming in the form of small cell towers. Once small cell towers come, 5G will be the next step.

The Aspen City Council is forced, by law, to comply with what the telecommunications companies are dictating.

The telecom companies say there is nothing we can do to stop 5G. This is not true. There are communities around this country and the world that have stopped 5G. They know there are serious health concerns.

The communities who have taken action have been those who have not accepted the tobacco science propaganda to drive their communities to submission.

It is time to remember that our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The Aspen City Council has taken the 5G issue under consideration.

Stopping 5G is going to take a lot more that City Council to do something. It is going to take a community effort for David to beat Goliath.

It can be done! Other communities have done it and now it is time for Aspen to establish itself as a leader to protect our rights, our health and our community.

The community needs to work with the city council to delay the implementation of this untested technology.

Do your research on 5G.

There are no safety studies for 5G.

A Facebook page has been created to present some of the information about 5G. The group is Concerned Citizens for 5G Health Effects.

Tom Lankering


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