Beware of proposed Aspen Mountain expansion

Reading the public relations effort for a significant expansion of the Aspen Mountain ski area, I wonder if the county commissioners still care about the backside of Aspen Mountain or Richmond Ridge? Understandably, Aspen Skiing Co. wants to develop that area, but at what cost to the flora and fauna, climate change, and the backcountry experience in general?

There is rampant real estate speculation, including Skico’s related-party acquisition on the west and east side of the mountain. Now, a likely related application has been filed for what would be the ski-in, ski-out properties around Loushin Lake because a smart planner realized that the county is proceeding with an update to its master plan that might limit those expansionist opportunities. I’m interested in whether anyone cares about this area anymore, or does the general public think there should be industrial-style development across Richmond Ridge and down into the eastern side of Aspen Mountain above the North Star Nature Preserve?

Do you care? If so, please reach out to the BOCC via

Wondering …

Marcella Larsen