Beware of parking at Clarks Market |

Beware of parking at Clarks Market

We had a board meeting at Tiki Mana Restaurant in the Clarks Market area on September 19th. Our board meeting went through lunch and lasted 2 1/2 hours. Our lunch was delicious, but after departing our meeting two of us found that our cars had been booted. When we confronted Britt Queer, the boot guy, we informed him that we had spent a vast amount of money at lunch and that we had all been at Tiki Mana the entire time. We offered to have him speak to the restaurant employees to verify our time line, but this was to no avail. We could not convince him that actual CUSTOMERS SHOULD NOT BE BOOTED!

The boots on cars should only be for those who are NOT spending money at the Clarks Market center. So if you are having a long lunch with friends, or a meeting, or have lots of shopping to do, please note that after 90 minutes you will be booted and have to pay $200 per car! (In the off-season, no less!) This does not make any of us want to shop at any of the Clarks market stores, OR eat at the restaurants!

Tom Clark, please get this ridiculous 90 minute rule changed for those who are spending money in your shopping center and are able to prove such.

Catalina Cruz