Beware of Boebert, elect Mitsch Bush

Lauren Boebert, the GOP nominee for Congress here on the Western Slope, touts a gun-toting, militia-policed world that operates completely outside democratic institutions like civilian law enforcement and the military chain of command.

With her trademark Glock slung high on her thigh, Boebert tweets, “I am the militia.” She poses with ammo-strapped, AK-wielding, camo-wearing militia members and invites them to her rallies as “security detail.”

Boebert’s vision for the Western Slope is a twisted version of Dodge City, where self-appointed marshals out-gun Matt Dillon’s six shooter at the rate of 600 rounds a minute. Fringe groups “stand back and stand by,” awaiting word from a president who has lost the respect of his generals and nurtures a revolutionary guard that answers only to him.

In her bestseller, “Facism: A Warning,” former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright predicts candidates like Boebert, a flag-waving cheerleader for Trump’s brand of hyper-nationalism whose only qualification for high federal office is unflinching fealty.

Not so long ago, the idea that America needed saving from the far-right ideologies we defeated in WWII would have been absurd and fanciful. But extremism is openly on parade in our country and fermenting in our own back yard.

Elated by a White House invitation, Boebert fawns over “the best president America has ever seen.” Henry Catto, my late father-in-law who served in four Republican administrations, would beg to differ. He would no longer recognize his Grand Old Party whose banner is now carried by fame-hungry Twitter grandstanders like Boebert.

Secretary Albright, like any student of history, knows a fascist autocracy can happen anywhere. Denial is not a strategy.

It falls to us in the 3rd District to check the early signs of the slide festering right here at home and stand down the fascist ghosts of the past. We can start by clocking out of Boebert’s 10 minutes of fame and sending Diane Mitsch Bush to Congress.

Laurel Catto