Best of times

Recently I watched an Aspen City Council meeting discussing the housing problems for the current 359 city employees. How the times have changed!

When I worked for the city, we had fewer than 20 employees in all departments. Go back further to the ’50s when it was “Puppy” Smith, “Stogie” Maddalone and “Tee” Caparella. Mayor Gene Robinson, City Clerk Ethel Frost and Eudora McCabe. Go back to the ’20s it was mayors Wagner and Willoughby who did it all! Yes! The “Times” have indeed changed, including our Aspen Times, which is certainly no longer the paper of editors Dunaway or Charles Daily.

How I miss those “Quiet Times.” Hannibal Brown, Gus Nelson, Dave Ray, Jack Leahy and “Sunset Joe” Doc and Maude Twining, you are all gone, but not forgotten! We had the best of years!

Jim Markalunas