Bernie Madoff would admire Basalt |

Bernie Madoff would admire Basalt

Bernie Madoff, the perfectly coiffed mega swindler of all time, would admire the manipulations that go on in Basalt. Talent recognizes talent. The “nonprofits” Valley Settlement, Manaus Fund, and Roaring Fork Community Development Corp., like Madoff, are all perfectly pedigreed and coiffed. In true gaslighting style, they seem to pretend not to know what is going on. Basalt has been held hostage in a death grip by their velvet nonprofit monopoly glove for nearly three years. The CDC assumed trustee like control of the Pan and Fork River Park outcome while nearly $8 million of taxpayer funds were invested and around the river park. The CDC is the co-applicant for obscene privatizing development proposal now before the town and scheduled for review at 6 p.m. today. Only 7 percent of residents said high-end residential was appropriate use for the river park but that is what they are trying to jam down our throats anyway.

A Aug. 6 issue of the Aspen Daily News headline read: “We’re number one in income inequality.” I contend we are also first in hypocrisy and greed after having observed the actions of those running the nonprofits mentioned above, plus those leaders of the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Roaring Fork Conservancy and Art Base. The elitist entitlement attitudes of this collective group of leaders seems so big and grand that they appear to have no qualms in enabling gaslighting, coercion and other unsavory tactics used on the peons of Basalt, who trusted them and paid the taxes. Very disappointing.

Mark Kwiecienski


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