Bennet’s bill warrants our support |

Bennet’s bill warrants our support

Sen. Michael Bennet’s (D-Colorado) bill in the Senate deserves the support from all of us who support protection of our special places and wild lands. The Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act (CORE) provides for the clear designation of certain wilderness areas, recreation management areas, conservation areas, historic sites and landscapes, agricultural grazing land, important watersheds and clean water supplies, appropriate energy management, wildlife habitat and migration corridors, recreational needs for a growing population, and recognition of the White River National Forest as the largest and most visited national forest in the nation.

The stakeholders of the Thompson Divide Coalition have stated their continued support for protection the divide — ranching, clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, identified recreational activities, and preservation of our limited wild lands. Coalition supporters also recognize the need to restrict oil and gas development in the identified area now, and we trust that support for these diverse interests and restriction of inappropriate uses are given equal consideration and support 10, 20 and 40 years in the future.

Those who live and work in the towns and counties around the divide have publicly supported the preservation of the area’s unique natural qualities and its protection from inappropriate oil and gas development. I urge these community leaders, mayors, town councils, county commissioners and individuals to reaffirm their support of protecting the Divide by supporting Bennet’s proposed legislation, the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act, CORE.

Contact our representatives now to encourage and demand their support for this important legislation.

Dorothea Farris

Crystal Valley, Carbondale