Beidleman: Ski patrol delivers |

Beidleman: Ski patrol delivers

Amy Beidleman

Dear Editor:

On April 7, while skiing Highland Bowl, one of my favorite places on earth, I broke my leg. Breaking it was one thing, but riding a toboggan down Highland Bowl — ah, no thanks. Gulp! I do not ride roller coasters — ever. Skiing down was not an option. Since there was lots of daylight left, maybe I could just borrow that splint and scoot down on my bum to Castle Creek Road. It was quite an athletic event for the patrol to get me out of there, but he surprised me with an entirely smooth and not at all scary ride. Well, actually, three separate rides.

First we had to go down the bowl, stopping to warm me up with toasty bags of corn that had been heated in a microwave (brilliant!), continuing to the Temerity Lift, switching rigs, carabinering to the lift and finally loading onto another toboggan to get all the way to the bottom. Huge thanks to Brian Johnson and the crew. They did a terrific job getting me down the mountain, feeling warm and safe.