Behind Barrs |

Behind Barrs

Belly up to the Barr, boys

The AG is serving drinks

His cocktail known as Injustice

Reveals just how he thinks

It’s made with self-importance

And a Bourbon called My Way

And sweetened with lots of Artifice

Which causes Truth decay

Drink one and lose your balance

Drink two and numb your mind

Drink three and reason disappears

And the Constitution is maligned

This Barr is in the White House

Where the Cabinet is filled with boos

For anyone who won’t imbibe

And toast a host of trumped up rules

That’s why all the sycophants

Drink though the night to Don

‘Cause if they’re ever, ever caught

Driving drunk they won’t be gone

For abuse of their hoarse power

Won’t place them on a legal docket

As precedent will let them go

While the AG kisses, but in the President’s back pocket

Where so many others pay lip service too

Especially members of the Senate

Who talk and talk and talk a lot

But then forget they ever meant it

They do the president’s knotty work

But if the tied should ever shift

They’ll jump from his back pocket

Before constituents are miffed

So, belly up to the Barr, boys

For as long as the people will allow

In time there’ll be a price to pay

Even if the Barr Bill is a zero now.

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek