Begone, Trump

Loser, loser, loser. Trump is a loser! Donald lost the election; get over it!

However, the real losers are the over 250,000 and counting who died on his watch. Other losers are the 70 million cult members who voted for a narcissistic twit who does not care about them. He exposed many of them in his super spreader rallies to stroke his ego. By definition, as a narcissist, the only one he cares for is himself.

More losers, the millions of people who are at their wit’s end, not being able to pay their rent, or have to choose between that and putting food on the table. This while Moscow Mitch focuses on stacking the courts while ignoring the plight of Americans in need. Who are the big losers, anyone who believes in our democracy?

In 2016 it was Russia and Putin’s goals to undermine and cast doubt on our election process. But it is their agent, Donald J. Trump, who has succeeded in doing the work for them in 2020. His lies and ego are destroying the faith in our peaceful transition of power in the executive branch.

And as the Trumpster leaves office as a lame duck, he is employing his “scorched earth policy” to leave the country in shambles and ruins so President Biden will have a worse mess on his hands than he has already. I am sure that Vlad is so happy with Trump that he will forgive the millions of dollars that Trump probably owes him and his oligarch buddies.

I am disgusted with the Trumpublican cowards who are turning a blind eye on Trump’s petulance and violating their oaths of office to defend and protect the Constitution. They are more concerned about protecting their power than you.

The winners, Putin and authoritarians.

Dick Hampleman