Been praying for electric buses

Friends, Aspenites, countrymen, lend me your ear. I beg you to vote “yes” on Ballot Issue 7A, which would enable RFTA to replace the outdated polluting buses with quieter, less-polluting electric buses that would make Aspen a healthier, more pleasant place to live. I have been praying for electric buses in Aspen for decades to reduce noise and pollution. It is the environmentally responsible thing to do to support the use of electric buses. Please do not hesitate to support RFTA in its effort to modernize its fleet with clean, quiet electric buses for Aspen on 7A. Bless you!

While you’re doing the right thing, be aware you may have been misled by a city official regarding Ballot Issue 2D, so I encourage you to trust the information provided by Councilman Bert Myrin and please vote for Option A on 2D. You will be glad you did — it’s in the best interest of Aspen’s future.

Susan O’Neal