Beaton’s flippery seems deplorable |

Beaton’s flippery seems deplorable

Glenn K. Beaton’s screed against Democrats and what they hate was entertaining. I’m not a Democrat, but what I hate is reading an opinion column that is never challenged. Beaton covered a lot of ground Sunday and this letter will attempt to recover it.

Beaton writes that Barack Obama was soft on Russia. Yet, when Vladimir Putin and Obama met neither could stand the other enough to shake hands. They despised each other and Obama sanctioned Russia to prove it. The Russians were so afraid of Hillary Clinton that, according to America’s intelligence community, they actively sought to undermine her campaign. Strangely, Donald Trump has announced sanctions against the Russians, but never implemented a single one. Somehow, he still claims, “No one is tougher on Russia.”

Republicans used to be the “law and order” party. Since one of their own is under investigation they have morphed America’s revered professional law enforcement agencies into “deep state” conspiracy looniness. Russians have been indicted for crimes against America and Republicans don’t care because it could harm Trump. Newsflash: The president is not more important than the country.

Illegal immigration: Comparing 2016 to 2017, Obama deported more illegals than Trump. He did so with compassion by not destroying families and placing kids in protective custody, but he did it.

Free trade: Tariffs? Really?

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Deficit spending: It was entertaining in the extreme that Beaton mentioned this with a straight face. The Republicans irresponsibly passed a tax cut that the Congressional Budget Office projects will increase debt to 96 percent of GDP. The last time budgets were under control was during a Democratic administration. George W. Bush quashed Clinton’s success with tax cuts and ran up the debt. Obama increased spending to dig us out of Bush’s economic downturn that was hemorrhaging jobs and wealth at a record pace. Trump inherited this excellent economy from Obama. He can thank deficit spending for it. We all can.

Adultery: Democrats didn’t care about JFK’s dalliances, or Clinton’s, and don’t care who Donald Trump boffed. They do care that campaign finance laws allegedly were broken to pay for the woman’s silence. Just as Bill Clinton’s impeachment wasn’t about sex, but about lying, Trump is being investigated for the cover-up.

Honesty: Beaton’s column mentions two famous presidential lies. Compared to Trump’s 2,140 documented lies in his first year, nothing compares. If Russian collusion is proven, Trump’s totals will jump by another thousand.

Every two weeks Beaton repetitively treats Aspen to a column that blames Democrats for every political/societal ill, twists the truth and contributes nothing new to civil debate. Why not demonstrate that conservatism is the preferred ideology for America? Why not crow about Trump’s victories? Trump claims he has “accomplished more than any president in history.” Tell us about that, Glenn. Boast a little! Let me help. There’s Neil Gorsuch and … well, there’s Neil Gorsuch.

In Beaton’s own words on the subject of “this flippery,” “It smacks of unintellectual, craven and opportunistic hypocrisy. It’s deplorable.”

That sums up Beaton’s column nicely.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village

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