Beaton hit piece is untrue and unfair

Beaton hit piece is untrue and unfair

Glenn Beaton’s umpteenth attack on me published at the last minute and intended by its timing to preclude a meaningful response is just more angry fabrication of events to bolster his favored candidate. The Aspen Times’ decision to publish an unfounded attack without warning or giving me the appropriate time to meaningfully respond is a sad commentary on its journalistic standards.

Beaton claims that I “crashed a private party and abused a lady guest.” In fact, the guest in question, Mary Messner, invited me to the event at Koch park. Here is what her letter to the editor published Aug. 14, 2014, stated in response to coverage of the event:

On leaving the park, an elderly woman approached me and begged me not call the police about Mayfield’s attack on me (he punched me several times). I did not hit him and backed away, leaving the area. She said, “He’s off his meds, please don’t call the police.”

The Aspen Times has never spoken to or communicated with either me or Mary Messner, the principal witness to the event and the purported victim of rudeness.

Beaton fills the remainder of his column with unfounded allegations by unnamed sources, calls me “gauche” (French word for “left”) because I wear bike shorts riding and racing, and live in affordable housing, a program inhabited by a class of people Mr. Beaton attacks every other week or so in his column.

I do not claim to be perfect. I have made apologies on the record where warranted. I plead guilty to wearing spandex when biking, running gear when running and living in affordable housing as qualified under the rules.

The publication of this cheap shot is just another contribution to the division in this country and the decline of political discourse. I have attempted to run a positive campaign without any attacks in literature, advertising or literature ( and will continue to do so but I hope readers will understand that Beaton’s column is written not to enlighten but to unleash anger and division.

Mick Ireland