Beaton afflicts the afflicted |

Beaton afflicts the afflicted

I was reading one of Glenn Beaton’s articles where he punches down on the less fortunate (“A modest proposal* to reduce the homeless by feeding them to the needy,” commentary, Aug. 25, The Aspen Times). Why does The Aspen Times pend credibility to the dangerous ideas of Beaton?

Why is it OK for Glenn to joke about exterminating the homeless? If I wrote a satirical piece about murdering rich people and feeding them to people, would The Aspen Times publish it? Probably not. So why give people with like Glenn a platform? I think it’s because The Aspen Times doesn’t mind in helping Beaten dehumanize the poor. I don’t think The Aspen Times cares about publishing false narratives about society’s vulnerable because they know scaring rich people is good business; all media folks know this.

Maybe The Aspen Times should change course and allow poor people to have just as much of a voice as Glenn.

As a matter of fact, I think I should have a weekly column to balance Beaton’s dime-store conservative propaganda called Homeless Harangues.

Look, rich folks, the pitchforks are coming and people like Glenn are only going to speed up the process. Give voice to the voiceless now and listen, because we may all be voiceless if we don’t start trying to understand each other.

Michael Schram

Madison, Wisconsin

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