Be safe, wear a mask |

Be safe, wear a mask

I call B.S. on Bernie Weiss’ comments in the May 14 letter “Myth of the mask” in your newspaper. Without putting into question Mr. Weiss’ professional capacity, there are a couple of things he wrote that don’t make sense to me.

First, the premise of wearing a mask has always been, during this pandemic, for the wearer not to infect other people by coughing or sneezing, not the other way around. The claim Mr. Weiss makes, without explaining why, is that a mask would attract the droplets from a cough from another person (who should also be wearing a mask), increasing our chances of contagion from one in 10,000 to one in 10! This, to me, doesn’t make sense.

Secondly, we’ve all seen videos of how a cough/sneeze travels through the air. I would imagine that if someone who coughed were facing away from me, three feet would probably keep me safe, but I would not like to bet that if they coughed in my direction my chances of getting infected would be only one in 10,000.

Opinions like this can be debated to death but, as Mr. Weiss also states, there is very little virus in Aspen.

Let’s keep it that way, maintaining our distance and wearing our masks when we can’t be six feet away from someone..

Stay safe and be well, everybody!

Erik Sweet

Aspen Village

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