Be kind to cyclists |

Be kind to cyclists

I am very upset over a very rude person on a trail today. I am an avid road biker, and I am not young. I have logged over 1,200 miles at least on my bike in five years. I know proper etiquette. I started my ride Saturday going down Willits from the town center. I no longer use Willits road because landscapers run us bikers off the road and curse at us. In any case, I approached two elderly women and rang my bike bell. One nasty women wheeled around and yelled “Say, ‘Passing on the left or right!’” Well, my voice is so low it is not audible, thus, my investment in the bell. Next time old lady, just say thanks, or raise a hand like my almost 90-year-old mom does. Just be thankful I didn’t run you over. It pays to be kind. Read the rules of the trail, get a trail map. Learn how to be polite.

Eva Winn