Be grateful if we can ski at all this winter in Aspen

If you have not read Jacqueline Hutton or Todd Wilson’s letters to the editor, please do (“Skiing through the pandemic perspective” and “Don’t rush to condemn Aspen Skiing Co.,” Aug. 4, The Aspen Times)

Read the first line of the article “Aspen locals could be in for a season-pass curve ball this winter” — “Aspen Skiing Co. plans to open its four mountains.”

Isn’t that the best news you could hope for? My last lift service ski day was March 14. I am so thankful I skied that day; it was so much fun.

Aspen Skiing Co. will do the best they can to get all four ski mountains open under the government mandates they must follow. They are trying to figure out how they can best run their business in the worst of situations. They will have many challenges to work through.

Everyday that I ski, I am always asked the same question, “How many days have you skied?” My reply is always the same: “I don’t know, but everyday that I have skied has been so much fun.”

Be supportive, stay positive.

Jensue Hawks