Be grateful for local law enforcement |

Be grateful for local law enforcement

Sheriff DiSalvo and Aspen police don’t have anything to apologize for (“Inmate sex, other incidents lead to changes at jail,” Nov. 1, The Aspen Times). It’s rare, outside Aspen, to have law enforcement treat inmates or the public like people.

For instance, by contrast, Denver police have killed two people in jail there, and just settled the second case for $4.2 million. That’s what the family gets after cops killed their family member and it’s the second one in two years. Even sadder, the victim wasn’t a violent criminal, gang member, Mafia, or terrorist. Both were homeless men, nobody to be proud to kill. Nothing of course will happen to those responsible; they probably won’t even lose their job, much less pension and the settlement cost will be paid by taxpayers.

There are, in theory, some honest, decent cops in the country, but them actually speaking out in cases like this are about like seeing Bigfoot. These cases are common in many other places, and Denver is not the exception. Florida cops just stopped a African American lady, with no cause, but before they could arrest or extort her she turned out to be the state attorney.

Bill Greenwood