Baseless claims about nonprofit Keep MO Heights Rural

This is in response to Michelle Ferguson-Cook’s letter that made unfounded statements with regard to the Keep MO Heights Rural nonprofit organization and myself as president of the organization (“Ascendigo makes its case and the opposition doesn’t,” letters, May 24, The Aspen Times).

She states, in summary, that she received a solicitation from the organization that was not delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, which if were correct, would be a federal crime. Her only proof is that the flier was not individually addressed and she speculates that the solicitations were placed in mailboxes by volunteers “into hundreds of Missouri Heights mailboxes.”

She made no effort to contact me for any explanation or information, but rather submitted a letter to the editor making these false accusations. Obviously, Ferguson-Cook did not bother to inform herself as to the process of the EDDM service offered by the U.S. Postal Service. The “EDDM” stamp was on each piece of mail and upon delivery of 921 flyers and payment to the Carbondale post office of the required fee, the U.S Postal letter carriers delivered the stamped mail to every mailbox on the prescribed route without the necessity of an individual address. We have hard receipts for this from the Carbondale post office. Our organization on multiple occasions has, in fact, warned supporters not to place any informational flyers in mailboxes just for the very reason that it is a federal crime to place materials in mailboxes without delivery by the US Postal Service.

As for her challenge about being properly registered as a nonprofit, Keep MO Heights Rural has complied with federal and state laws and regulations with regard to both tax filings and registrations. Having only recently reached fundraising thresholds, that requires an organization to file further registration with the Colorado Secretary of State, KMOHR has begun that process.

I cannot address Ms. Ferguson-Cook’s perception of postings on social media or the reasons that her account was disabled. I can tell you that correspondence received by the Keep MO Heights Rural organization is answered factually and with documentation when possible.

Lastly, as for her reference to payment for a crane utilized for a banner during last weeks Garfield County commissioners’ site visit, no KMOHR funds were used as the crane was furnished by a supporter of KMOHR for that very purpose on his own property at no charge. What she failed to observe at the site visit was the spirit of neighborliness and mutual support, not what she is demonstrating in her recent attempts to discredit a grassroots organization founded on mutual local concerns and to impugn my good name and character.

Karen Moculeski,

President, Keep MO Heights Rural