Basalt’s obstructionists |

Basalt’s obstructionists

A full-blown charade continues to be played on Basalt tax payers to keep competition out. The “white hairs” have been trying to create their private club of sorts out of Basalt. I am not in their club, and you, reader, are mostly likely not either.

The roster:

1. Michael Mcvoy of the Roaring Fork Community Development Corp., said he takes advice from the former Basalt’s town manager, Bill Kane. Kane became town manager in 2010 with the significant assistance of Larry Yaw of CCY Architects.

2. Kane as town manager oversaw the cockeyed joint venture deal between the RFCDC and Basalt setup to funnel millions of taxpayer dollars to improve the floodplain and the contiguous RFCDC property.

3. Larry’s firm CCY Architects have been the only architects that have worked (been allowed to work) with option holders for council consideration.

4. Belinski is now the figurehead development partner with Art Base/Kane and CCY in making proposals. He sits on the board of Art Base with Bill Kane.

5. Surveys clearly show what the town wants. It is not the mega townhome proposals that McVoy/Kane/CCY are trying to shove down Basalt’s throat to make the developers rich (see ETC Survey conducted November 2014).

6. Consultants and advisers include real estate developer Jim Light and past Roaring Fork Club adviser Jim Kent, whose website explains how he is good at getting your project approved.

Yup, blind fold, hog tie and prod with propaganda sticks till they squeal.

Mark Kwiecienski