Basalt, we have a problem |

Basalt, we have a problem

I find it deplorable that the town of Basalt is hosting meetings on what to do with “overpaid” taxes collected from 1994 till now by property/business owners — with a day before notice of meetings — on Facebook no less! Not even notice via email or even a letter to the taxpayers or property owners affected.

First, the people who paid those extra fees should be directly contacted by the town with an explanation and notification of meetings. They should not have to read about it in the newspaper or on Facebook after the fact!

Second, they should be the ones asked what to do with the money: refund or leave it. It is theirs by the way, not the current residents in Basalt 23 years after it was “mistakenly” collected!

Finally, to suggest as Councilman Auden Schendler does, that refunding the funds will in any way hinder current services, is silly. There is plenty of tax money in our coffers and plenty of new/current tax money from new projects in Willits, as well as new expanded areas of Basalt being paid.

And don’t forget, the properties that paid back then still pay all taxes. Please, town of Basalt, have some communication.

I do not believe you or only the current residents can decide what to do with money “mistakenly” collected 20-plus years ago without including those who paid it in the conversation.

Shae Singer