Basalt SWA needs to go to the dogs |

Basalt SWA needs to go to the dogs

In light of CPW’s unpopular unilateral decision to require anyone setting foot on state-owned lands to have a hunting or fishing license (“New law requres license to visit state lands”, June 30, 2020), I’d love to know what the point of the Basalt SWA is in the first place.

What benefit do valley residents get from it being a state wildlife area rather than USFS or BLM land? How much does that designation cost state taxpayers?

As far as I can tell, there’s no reason for the Basalt SWA to even exist. Let’s get rid of it entirely (even if the gun range has to stay) and allow people to hike there with their dogs. The argument that it’s so overused that fees have to be charged to mange the crowds is ludicrous.

Get rid of it already.

Todd Hartley