Basalt should beware of its bats |

Basalt should beware of its bats

We have a bat colony in the rectory of the Catholic Church on Midland Avenue in Basalt? Who knew? Bats host more than 60 human-infecting viruses, including those related to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), you know, like COVID-19, as well as rabies.

Currently there is no evidence of direct virus transmission from bat to human. Transmission is apparently a complicated cycle involving unsustainable ecological destruction, trafficking and illegal trade of wildlife for human consumption, and disease spill overs from wildlife to people.

Bats play a significant part in this transmission cycle.

I understand that bats do provide benefits including pollination, seed dispersal, and pest/insect control. However, Town Council, wouldn’t a bat colony be better suited to a woodland environment rather than Midland Avenue in downtown Basalt?

Please, Pat McMahon and Tracy Bennett, revisit the idea of maintaining this bat colony in the middle of our town since we are all consumed with the chaos caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the mystery surrounding its origin. Let’s take every precaution with neighborhood bats!

Maggie Kromer