Basalt park issue convoluted by misinformation |

Basalt park issue convoluted by misinformation

The River Park situation in Basalt would resolve if the people have all the information and were not manipulated with false costing information. It is about democracy versus a residential elitist development that will turn Basalt into a Disney-like town and drive locals out.

Are we hypocrites, or are we a town with a true democracy? Let’s be done with allowing false information and costs that manipulate election results to dictate who Basalt will be as a town.

Buying the Roaring Fork Development Corp. river parcel is necessary for Basalt to be its own town. It is by far the best financial deal for the residents. The Art Base is a great amenity. Do not be fooled into thinking that allowing condos and the viability of the Art Base are linked. It is a ploy. If Art Base is a true community asset, it will survive and thrive no matter what. The developers are using the approvals for a “condo hotel” and the expansion of Art Base as being integral.

I believe that ploy it is nothing more than a strategy to buy support for taxpayer subsidized “camouflaged elitist condos” to be located where 33 low-income trailers were previously displaced. We must do better. Support council buying the Roaring Fork Development Corp. parcel.

Mark Kwiecienski