Basalt mayor weighs in on her successor |

Basalt mayor weighs in on her successor

The citizens of Basalt will soon be faced with a very important decision: who will serve as our new mayor, a position I have had the privilege of holding for these past eight years.

To be fair, we have three able candidates, each more than capable of carrying the mantle of leadership in our community. However, the mayor’s office is held by only one individual, so ultimately we must choose; or in this case because of the instant run-off voting system, rank our choice for mayor in order of preference (or you may vote for only one or two mayoral candidates).

When I weigh the relative merits of each candidate, my order of preference is simply based upon many years of observation of their respective leadership skills, compassion and true understanding of Basalt’s unique character.

Bill Kane brings an extensive background in thoughtful leadership, municipal planning, the importance of the arts in our community, service as chair on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission and three years as Basalt’s town manager. I served with Rob Leavitt when he sat on Basalt Town Council, and know how passionate he is about our schools, responsible planning and preserving Basalt’s unique character.

Both Bill and Rob have the vision I share for Basalt’s future, which is why I recommend ranking them 1-2 in this election.

Bill Infante has given generously of his time and considerable intellect as a councilman for the past two years. I’m sure he will continue to be a tireless advocate for Basalt. The best of all worlds in my view is to bring Bill Kane or Rob Leavitt into the mayor’s position this election, while maintaining Bill Infante in his role on council for another two years.

I hope that you will each carefully consider who is best qualified to carry Basalt forward, maintain all that makes Basalt such a special place to live, work and play; and that you will reach the same conclusion that I have, and rank Bill Kane and Rob Leavitt 1 and 2.

Please be sure to research and understand the instant runoff voting system before casting your ballot.

Jacque Whitsitt