Basalt mayor misplaces blame |

Basalt mayor misplaces blame

I am just baffled with the mayor of Basalt regarding the recent meeting with all the big wigs regarding the shooting range in Basalt after the wildfire. Why would she put the blame on the people of Basalt “if the constituents would have done a grassroots effort. That’s what motivates politicians”? What a joke — everyone in Basalt who lives near the range has been vocal for years about its placement so close to town. Granted, tje town grew up around it, but nonetheless, many have voiced their concern. Placing blame on the citizens of Basalt is her attempt at damage control. I for one asked her directly why it was left open in a Stage 2 fire restriction. She replied, “Well, we (the town powers of Basalt) asked CPW. They said no.” So now let’s blame the citizens — nice leadership, Mayor Whitsitt; that is insulting and scapegoating at its finest. You have achieved your politician status as “not my fault, blame the citizens” — many who in fact for years have objected to the dangers of the range for many reasons, and in Stage 2 fire restrictions for obvoius reasons. Super lame, mayor.

Denise Abrams