Basalt doesn’t want wall of homes |

Basalt doesn’t want wall of homes

To the Basalt Planning and Zoning Commission,

I am disappointed in your quick decision to adopt the sketch plan proposed by Tim Belinski and Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. for the redevelopment of the Pan and Fork property.

A wall of free-market duplexes and row homes for second-home owners, blocking the river, is unacceptable. This plan would gentrify that area.

The town conducted a survey as part of the “Our Town” planning process. The results of this survey showed that only 7 percent of 481 residents wanted free-market housing on this site. That is 34 people!

What is the parking plan for this proposal?

This sketch plan irresponsibly sailed through your committee ignoring the sentiments of the Basalt community.

Patrice K. Becker