Basalt council funds alchemy pork |

Basalt council funds alchemy pork

The alchemists of yore blended theatre, secret potions and mystical incantations to swindle wealth from the unsuspecting in the promise of turning lead into gold. The alchemists played that deception for decades until the unsuspecting caught on.

Today, the Basalt “climate change” high priests work a similar game with enhanced complexity. In Basalt, the priests work with cooperation from the zombified council. Basalt officials have committed almost $10 million in taxpayer assets to placate the fictitious carbon dioxide devil by feeding it golden tax asset eggs. Those golden eggs are being used to fund various support functions for the Climate Change Cathedral — The Rocky Mountain Institute. So far, the Basalt alchemist consortium have manifested about $10 million of Basalt taxpayer eggs in their nest. The math: From 2014 to 2017, nearly $8 million sunk in and around the 2.3 acres adjacent to the Cathedral that the alchemist partners hope to turn into condo gold. In 2016, $1.3 million spent for six employee-housing units purchased 5 miles outside of Basalt next to the chief priest, Amory Lovin’s Old Snowmass home.

In 2019, council just approved spending $455,000 to build one of the most expensive 300-foot sidewalks in the U.S. The sidewalk will connect to what has been called the “bridge to nowhere.” This walking loop path for reflection is where children will receive the gift of “climate change” cult indoctrination while attending cathedral functions.

Innovation that must be funded by deceptive tactics is alchemy.

Mark Kwiecienski