Basalt chamber supports 3A |

Basalt chamber supports 3A

The board of directors of the Basalt Chamber of Commerce endorses the intent of the ballot question 3A (aka “Basalt Forward Program”) that has been proposed by the town of Basalt.

Under the ballot question, the Town Council is seeking taxpayer approval to raise an additional $18 million in debt to invest in affordable housing, green initiatives and Midland Avenue streetscape, without increasing taxes. Proceeds from the $18 million bond will be invested as follows: approximately $11 million to beautify and upgrade infrastructure on Midland Ave, $6 million for affordable housing (to be “pooled” with other developers), and $2 million for “green” initiatives, such as electric vehicle charging stations or solar generation. The specifics of the investments in each of these three areas will be further defined if voters approve 3A.

The BCC board supports initiatives that address key issues that are important to local business and economic growth.

The fundamental questions that the chamber considers when weighing in on advocacy issue are:

— Would this initiative(s) support sustainable economic growth in our community?

— Are there any adverse effects that will impact Basalt businesses?

— Does the proposal align with the chamber’s mission Statement?

While the BCC agrees with the spirit of the Basalt Forward Program, we encourage Basalt’s Town Council to identify specific projects within each of the target areas and to regularly communicate the details of these valuable initiatives. We believe that voters/businesses must be consulted and be accurately informed of the timing and implications of these initiatives, particularly if the implementation of the proposed projects has the potential to disrupt business. Large projects such as the Midland Avenue streetscape improvements can have unpredictable timelines, so flexibility, trust, and constant communication are key to ensuring businesses know what to expect and how to mitigate any impacts on their operations.

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