Ban everything far right doesn’t like |

Ban everything far right doesn’t like

In his July 29 letter to The Aspen Times, Mr. Chase McWhorter plays satirical rogue, skewering an imaginary far-left political agenda, one that includes scuttling the entire U.S. Constitution (presumably so as to be rid of the hated 2nd Amendment).

Herein, from a left-centrist position, I offer an equally reasonable set of competing proposals.

First, don’t abandon the Constitution. Rather, enhance it by means of an amendment enshrining Christian Nationalism as the official U.S. ideology. Jews, Muslims and non-believers, take warning: Your days as first-class citizens may be numbered.

Next, ban all abortions nationwide. Thus even a 10-year-old girl, if impregnated via rape or incest, will have no alternative but to grin and bear the child.

Third, ban same-sex marriage nationwide, the sole exception involving children of far-right governors or legislators. Stalwart champions of traditional marriage though they be, such elected officials nonetheless show real guts in refusing to be publicly shamed by their sons’ and daughters’ repellent life choices.

Finally, assuming he recaptures the White House in 2024, follow the example of ancient Rome by having the U.S. Senate proclaim Donald J. Trump “dictator perpetuus.” Thus ennobled, the 45th president would at last enjoy full recognition as an authoritarian leader. On second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea, in light of what eventually befell that other Caesar, Gaius Julius.

Donald Wilson 
St. Louis

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