Bamesberger ready to take up the mantle

After 28 years of serving the taxpayers of Pitkin County I have finally decided that it is time for me to retire as Pitkin County assessor. It would make me happy to see my office succeed after I leave. I fully support Deb Bamesberger to be my successor as Pitkin County assessor. I want her to win this election! I have personally known Bamesberger for many years. She has extensive knowledge of real estate and title work with over 20-plus years of experience. I met her in 1997 when she was an escrow officer working for Vince and TJ at Pitkin County Title. Through education classes that the state of Colorado requires everyone to attend and the experience of many years working for me at the Assessor’s Office she is the perfect choice to run the Assessor’s Office. Deb has many great attributes: loyalty, dependability, compassion, truthful and hardworking. There are many examples of Deb’s qualities that make her the best candidate for assessor, but we only have so much room in this letter. Deb is a very caring person and will do her best to make sure the taxpayers of Pitkin County are well taken care of. She will continue to ensure that you are treated fairly and equitably. If you want a fair and caring county assessor, mark your ballot for Deb Bamesberger for Pitkin County assessor.

Tom Isaac