Bamesberger for Pitkin County Assessor |

Bamesberger for Pitkin County Assessor

Tom Isaac’s retirement as County Assessor presents an opportunity to preserve his legacy of fairness, courtesy and professionalism. The best way to do this is to support Deb Bamesberger. I have had two occasions to deal with the Assessor’s Office in the 25 years we have owned property in Aspen. My first contact with Deb, and later dealings with her able colleagues, were notable for how helpful and understanding everyone was. Initial assessments are done with a broad brush. Appeals are meant to recognize where an individual property falls within the range of values possible among roughly comparable properties. Deb and Cheryl took the time, and applied the expertise, to produce the fair results that every taxpayer expects. I am not sure that we should expect similar results with Mick Ireland at the helm. While he is a seasoned politician who has served this community in various elected positions, I was struck by the fact that he chose to emphasize a highly divisive issue like seeking different treatment of second homeowners. In my view, this is not the way to signal a commitment to run the Assessor’s Office in a fair and non-discriminatory way. That is why I believe that Deb Bamesberger has the qualifications and integrity to take on the difficult challenges that the County Assessor must face. Let’s keep politics out of the Assessor’s Office.

Richard Felder