Balancing the brain

Brain health is of great to concern to many.

Stress is debilitating. People are suffering from various forms of brain dysfunction. Anxiety and depression are increasing at alarming rates.

The last two years have created devastating psycho-emotional impacts on people. The rates of suicide among younger people are skyrocketing. The devastation of brain dysfunction affects almost every demographic.

The standard treatments of drugs and therapies have not been producing the desired results. Psychotropic drugs may have a place to help. Indications are that they are not a long-term answer.

Current research in neuroscience is providing insights into methods which create neuroplastic changes. These can result in lasting improvements.

Trying to solve problems with the same mind set does not usually lead to new solutions. New approaches may lead to new results.

Energy medicine is providing innovative insights. Some of the new modalities include light and sound therapy as well as energy psychology. Energy frequencies may be a key factor in optimizing health. Nutrition is being recognized as a critical part in the new treatment. Detoxification from heavy metals and environmental toxins are being integrated.

Brain responses to fight/flight are locking the mind into fear and survival patterns. Even though the mind regulates the whole body, it has challenges in regulating itself. It gets stuck like deer in the headlights. Brain fitness helps the brain to be adaptive and create new brain wave patterns.

Balancing the brain can improve brain fitness and health. This may help some mental health challenges.

Tom Lankering