Baffled by signage ignorance in Aspen

I find it baffling that a lot of drivers do not observe signage in our amazing town. I feel the city has done an excellent job of posting signage for drivers in every way. The issue is that drivers are not reading them.

It’s not just tourists or the outrageous, all day traffic jams either.

I’ve almost been hit crossing the street by local residents, buses, construction vehicles and tourists. Whether it’s the crosswalks where pedestrians have the right of way or simply crossing at a stop light, drivers are not paying attention to/respecting the massive amount foot traffic we have in this town.

Not sure what can be done about this, but someone is just asking to get hurt crossing the street. It should not be a duel with death to use a crosswalk in Aspen. Hunter S. Thompson had a point when he proposed turning the streets to grass.

David Chapman