Baffled by Christians’ support of Trump

Amazingly, 84% of Evangelical Christians still support Donald J. Trump. This begs the question: Why?

Christ taught and holds us to a way of life of love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, decency, a life where we are to love one another as we would have them love us, where we are to turn the other cheek. Also, the Ten Commandments provide a moral code of conduct to be followed in all we say and do.

Our president daily, gleefully violates these principles. He is devoid of compassion, tolerance, kindness and decency. Rather than turn the other cheek, he viciously counterattacks; he simply cannot tolerate an iota of criticism. He vilifies the memory of good Americans such as John McCain, John Lewis and Army Captain Humayun Khan, causing uncalled for misery for their survivors.

But the alternate to Trump, VP Joe Biden, has known personal pain and suffering. He consistently exhibits compassion, tolerance, decency. He is a man of faith. He doesn’t have to arrange a photo-op in front of a church, holding a Bible.

Trump has shredded many of the Ten Commandments by his well-known examples of greed, lying (he simply cannot help himself), lust, coveting, stealing (through his bankruptcies), even murder.

“Murder” isn’t accurate or fair. But look at the number of Americans who have died of COVID-19 because of his cavalier handling of this pandemic and his stunning lack of leadership. He has politicized actions recommended by health experts and officials. Look at the leadership in so many countries where their leaders quickly took strong actions and kept the numbers of those infected by the virus low and their country’s death rate minimal. Here we are, the greatest nation on earth, with over 20% of the world’s number of deaths from this virus.

Why then, folks, would real Christians (or anyone else who adheres to the Ten Commandments or to the Christian values) support this seriously flawed and un-Christian person? Why?

Yours in Christ …

John Moore