Bad karma

Over the past few weeks the midvalley community has come together like never before. Ace Lane has shut down the Kodiak Water Ski Lake facilities to its members to allow the unrestricted use of the Kodiak Lake to supply helicopters with much-needed water in fighting the fire. Eagle County and the Board of County Commissioners are fully engaged in working with the community, various fire departments and numerous federal and state agencies. What I don’t understand is how some members of this same community who hide behind an entity called Save the Midvalley (an oxymoron) can in good conscience continue their nuisance lawsuit against Ace Lane and his three sons via Woody Ventures and the Board of County Commissioners of Eagle County. Save the Midvalley is led by Ken Ransford and Tim Whitsitt (the husband of Basalt Mayor Jacque Whitsitt) all of whom live and work in the midvalley. That’s just bad karma.

David Marrs