Bacon is wrong |

Bacon is wrong

I am perplexed and appalled by Aspen Skiing Co.’s decision to support and endorse the terrible environmental practices and horrific animal abuse associated with the industrial factory farming of pigs. Ethical considerations of meat eating aside, how could anyone claiming to have a concern for the environment and for the ethical treatment of our fellow animals support these practices by sponsoring a much-ballyhooed and exuberant celebration of the ecological degradation and cruel mistreatment of innocent animals? Seriously? “Bacon Appreciation Day?”

It smacks of either a total lack of awareness at best or rank hypocrisy at worst. Surely Skico could find something much more worthy and beneficial to celebrate and appreciate than the factory farm torture of defenseless pigs. Auden Schendler, vice president of sustainability for Skico, is this “getting green done?” Where is your leadership on this issue?

Mark Billingsley