Back to drawing board on Lumberyard |

Back to drawing board on Lumberyard

The most recent proposal for affordable housing at the Lumberyard is an example of a disgraceful disregard of fundamental precepts that have long guided this community.

Jamming as many as 350 units onto the site is nothing more than transposing a big-city, high-density housing project into Aspen that treasures openness and separation. Drinking Skippy Mesirow’s Kool-Aid is no substitute for common sense that favors quality of life over sheer numbers.

Shame on council for not first defining a low density plan consistent with other housing projects (oh, yes, and one that takes into consideration the mandatory parking requirements). This is not simply a matter of linear scaling as higher densities demand more open space.

If council had first agreed on a population density for the site, various layouts could have been proposed. Rather, the process has put the cart before the horse and the horse’s ass is now in plain sight.

Neil B. Siegel